Is the freelance grind killing you?

Maybe it’s time to try a better way.

An entire generation of solo freelancers are dying.

Maybe you’re overloaded with sub-par projects.  Perhaps you’re killing yourself selling your time, or you’re stressed about not getting enough of the right clients… and everyone runs into tough situations here and there.  But one thing is nearly certain:

You’re here because freelancing isn’t going how you thought it would.

You wanted the dream life that everyone talks about, but all you’ve done is created another prison of a job for yourself – one with its own problems.  One that, let’s face it, is simply not sustainable at this rate.

There’s a better way.

Design school doesn’t prepare you for this shit.  When we go out on our own, 85% of us end up flying by the seat of our pants for, like, forever before figuring it out or, sadly, giving up and resigning ourselves to a corporate job again.

AgencyBoss is here to serve as your personal mentor to fill in that gap between where school left off and where success begins.  And that transformation starts right here.

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